Welcome to the support web for the MCTrail app for iPhone!

MCTrail is an app that records the routes you have been riding on your motorcycle on a daily basis, just start it and forget it.

It is supposed to work hassle free and create clean track recordings, in the foreground with a map or invisibly in the background. The user interface has been designed to be used when the bike is still, there should be no need to operate the app when riding. These are the main features:

  • Track the routes you have been cruising with your bike on a daily basis, including road condition
  • Export daily tracks as GPX-files via email or DropBox upload
  • Use the Ride Alone mode for your safety when riding alone
  • Display a moving map showing the surroundings of where you are
  • Record a point of interest while you are riding
  • Show the time of day and current speed in an easy to read display
  • MCTrail will turn off the GPS whenever possible to save battery
  • No need to start and stop the app, fully automatic

That's it really!

As with all GPS based apps you should have the phone connected and charging as much as possible.